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We all know buying a home is a huge undertaking, and this current market makes it a bit more challenging to obtain success but using the internet and a good broker you can have great results in any market condition. What makes the biggest difference is experience. Some brokers put in the time, did the deals, learned the lessons and the tricks of the trade, all the hard way, while other brokers maybe are still working on that.


I have been a full time Broker/Owner and on the Boulder Area Realtor Association since 1996. As an added bonus to buyers I tend to notice adverse material facts, which I then disclosure to the buyer and they can have a professional look into it at inspection or pass on making an offer on the home. I am no home inspector but I have repaired and resold many properties and completed most of the work with my own hands and no subcontractors. I know lending issues and various lenders that can work with most clients. I know how to negotiate just about everything and how to get things done. I know how to draft/execute awesome contracts. I know how to listen to buyers needs and do the best job I can to meet those needs. I do all this and much more for just your signature on an exclusive right to buy contract between me and you (the buyer). This basically says you’ll use me as your only broker and the best part is the Seller or Seller’s agent will cover my commission fee in most real estate transactions. The 2.8% commission is sometimes not offered by some companies and you can choose how you wish to deal with these at the time of the contract (yes I want to or no thank you).<br />
In closing what I offer home buyers is fair honest dealings with a slight advantage over some of the national brokerage firm’s agents as I am the boss and you’ll only deal with me, no run around. I work nights and weekends and am here to help you. Call 303-772-7997 anytime with questions.

  • New to Longmont, Michael was great!
    Michael was the perfect realtor for us. Very attentive and available, he had a great knowledge of the area and really listened to what we were looking for. He helped us go under contract and close with no hiccups, and held our hand every step if the way! He even offered to host our dogs in his yard during closing! 🙂

    Elli V.
    Elli V.
  • Excellent service

    I can’t say enough about Michael. He worked with me to close on a house in just over a month! A month!! He did whatever it took to get me into a good house fast! Is perfect!! Any hour any day he was there! He is an incredible professional..and he kept me from being ripped off! The man was a god send! And I never write reviews but this was simply incredible!!

    Dyland W.
    Dyland W.
  • Best realtor in Colorado
    We looked at homes for six months with Michael in this tough market and found him to be the most honest, knowledgeable and dedicated realtor.

    Denise C
    Denise C
  • Buying a house was a big DREAM for an immigrant like me. Low paid job and no credit history made it even more impossible. Michael Santulli (Budget Realty Colorado) gave me some tips and told me that it is POSSIBLE just that I have to wait for a year. Within 13 months, I established some credit line following his instruction and i was able to buy a HUD home in Longmont. Not only I was able to buy a House, He was able to negotiate and knock down 50 K.. The same model house was sold down the lane for 175 K and I only paid 130K. I know it is UNBELIEVABLE but the Truth to be told, MICHAEL SANTULLI is the MAN. I highly recommend Michael and wish him the best.

    Sunanda D
    Sunanda D

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    Michael specializes in transparency, by stating what is and hoping/then working for the best possible outcome for all parties involved. He has 20 years on the Boulder Area Realtor Association and 20 years as a National Association of Realtors Member aka a Realtor.
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